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Hakata Yakiniku Tenjin

Hakata Yakiniku Tenjin offers confidently selected meat. Enjoy the meat with a secret sauce that you cannot eat anywhere else.

Pocke farm

Okinawa/American/Mexican flavors are mixed well, letting you enjoy the perfect balance and fresh taste.

Okonomi-yaki OSHINO

We are a specialty restaurant for okonomi-yaki, monja-yaki, and teppan-yaki. Our original okonomi-yaki has exceptional taste.


Authentic hot dogs that push the authentic taste and taiko of Americans in Japan. The mischievous characters are also very popular among locals and tourists with their help.

Takoyaki 8

Takoyaki that can only be eaten in Kansai can be eaten in Chatan Town! ? Come to taste the authentic Kansai taste! ! !


The most popular restaurant in Futenma, which is run by a shop owner who has eaten more than 10,000 cups of ramen, is now open!

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